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Company Formation

In order for enable our clients to make a decision on how to start a business, we advise them on advantages and disadvantages of each available solution and find the most effective ways to utilize the resources.

We support clients through the whole process of company formation – from preparation of the incorporation acts, through collection of the necessary documentation and registration procedure, until bank account opening.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Before such a major business decisions such as merger with other company or acquisition of a company, it is necessary, in light of client’s business intentions, to thoroughly examine both the entire legal status of the company and the consequences of such transactions.

In these cases, we prepare for our clients a detailed report on the legal status of the company: its liabilities, assets, employees, its compliance with the law. We prepare the necessary documents and represent the clients in the registration of such transactions.

Commercial Contracts

Whether it is the everyday business activities or affairs of greater importance, our approach is always the same – to make that the interests of our client prevail. Therefore, when we negotiate a contract we look for the best way to make our customers achieve their business goals.

Labour Relations

Issues related to employees are regularly on the agenda. We advise clients on reasonable organization of employees and optimizing of resources, prepare by-laws and employment contracts and represent them in labour disputes.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a demanding business venture.

Therefore, we provide our clients with complete support with respect to construction and real estate transactions: property issues, procedures for obtaining the necessary permits and other construction related documents, real estate cadastre proceedings, purchase, sell, renting of real estate.

Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute with a business partner, we work out time-saving and cost-minimising solutions that effectively protect our client’s interests and avoid long and costly court proceedings as much as possible.

However, when it is inevitable to take the dispute to court, we represent our clients before all judicial bodies, with the same idea to avoid delays and unnecessary expenditures.